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The tuning fork is a go-to item for my daily practice. It’s a great all round cleanser of energy, for items and yourself. The single tone is a wonderful calmer that will help you to just stop for a minute when things get fraught, and let you catch your breath.

I want to start by saying that sage is not for everyone ~ it has a strong smell. Is not good for asthma sufferers and there is absolutely no issue at all if it isn’t in your wheelhouse. I (mostly) make my own, with sage and lavender. And I use it for a big-whack of energy clearing. (As you can imagine, it’s been a regular during the lockdown…)

I use essential oils for everything from spellwork, on my salt lamp, in sprays for protection and cleansing as well as sprays that I wear as a day-scent.

I blend them for mood lifting and meditation. I even use them clear energies from jewellery, keys… all sorts 🙂

I buy them from where-ever I happen to be. But good ol’ amazon has a great reasonably priced brand that I can always fall back on.