The Oracle of the Mermaids by L Cavendish

I was going to start this post with… ‘today we’re looking at one of my favourite decks’… But all the decks I use are my favourites, as they all have different strengths and purposes.

So, how-about today I’m going to tell you all about the Oracle of the Mermaids, written by Lucy Cavendish, with the most gorgeous artwork by Selina Fenech, and it’s blummin’ glorious to work with…

Firstly, let’s get all the ‘need to know’ facts squared away — this deck is made up of 45 cards. The cards are lovely quality, with a glossy finish. The guidebook is a good size; 168 pages long and packed with information. The cards & book come in a heavy set gift box to keep everything safe.

Right then, now all the practical things are done, we can move on to the deck itself.

I find this deck to have a very feminine energy — that is not to say that it cannot be read by or to read for, men — quite the contrary.

mermaid 2_FotorIf you imagine an empty beach in the late afternoon  as winter begins to take hold, that is how these cards feel when you hold them in your hands. They are for reading emotions, for uncovering dreams, for working within yourself. They are just as much about your relationships with others as your relationship with yourself. mermaid 1_Fotor
The cards resonate with stillness, it may sound silly to say that this is a watery deck, but it is. Each card manages to isolate one of the myriad of emotions that we live through each day, almost freeze framing it.

The messages from this deck are laced with calm and tranquility, and I tend to use a piece of aquamarine when working with it. I feel especially drawn to working with these cards at night, I think this adds to the sense of silence — if you listen carefully you can almost hear the fog horns of ships stuck in the mist.

Happy reading.

J x