The Moonology Oracle by Yasmin Boland

Right then, let’s talk about the Moonology Oracle deck
I’ll be getting my disclaimer in straight away; working with the Moon is a go-to in my craft. My Goddess has strong ties to the Moon. And as someone who feels closely connected to the feminine divine the moon is my jam. So this deck was either going to hit or miss, big style. There was never going to be half-way. (Spoiler ~ I l.o.v.e.d it) 

I like to begin by going through the quality bits and bobs, so… This is a 44 card deck, with a 160 page guide book, in a hard backed presentation box. The card stock is very good, as is the art work and printing. The backs of the cards have a beautiful depiction of the moon phases, and the text on the box is embossed and lovely quality. (Even the inside of the box has ethereal artwork, it really has been sensitively thought out.) 

The box and the cards have a smooth mat finish, and it’s printed by Hay House. 
It’s written by Yasmin Boland and the illustrations are by Nyx Rowan. Yasmin has also written a book, Moonology; Working with the Magic of Lunar Cycles, and you don’t need to own both. (I bought the book because the energy of the cards resonated so strongly, and I wasn’t disappointed.) 

This deck has a very still energy. It really feels like the silence of a winter night, when the air is chill and the sky is so, so high. You know how, when you’re walking on a night like that, and your breath creates dragons plumes while the faint scent of chimney smoke lingers, and every thought has such clarity… That is precisely the emotion of working with these cards. The cards link to the astrological signs, which again is so right ~ and lends a sense of timelessness but also communicates a strange awareness of time. The artwork and colour choice all fit together, like the deck was created by both of them in a state of flow. 

I have a couple of decks that I say are my ‘go to,’ and this is definitley one of them. I often read combining decks these days, and it’s because we are so fortunate to have such great creators that i’ve been drawn to read this way, as I get so much guidance from each different energy. 

If you’d like to see the deck in more detail, I’ve had a good chat over on youtube about it too 😉
Bright Blessings Lovely Humans

Jo x