The Druid Craft Tarot


The The Druid Craft Tarot Deck is my go to deck. I learnt to read tarot, like most people, using the Waite Smith.

But because my roots are in nature based practice, I really identify with the Druid Craft tarot; it has an earthy energy, and feels green. It’s essence is very much of the wild craft.


On a practical level this deck is evenly balanced — the court cards are made up of a King, Queen, Prince and Princess. Which I prefer. (Given the original Waite Smith deck is made up of King, Queen and two Princes.) The images feel very old, and I definitely pick up on the celtic vibe within the deck.

When I read with these cards I tend to feel like the advice being given is very wise. Because the cards have such a strong bond with nature, the readings are very calm — the outcome from the cards always feels connected to the turning of the wheel, and the wider patterns of life.

It is a traditional ‘tarot’ deck, so all the imagery correlates. Some of the cards, ‘Rebirth’ for instance, strays slightly away from it’s mirror card in the major arcana of the Waite Smith, but it works very well with this deck, because of it’s traditional witchcraft energy.

The cards are large, as all the decks tend to be now. (I must admit to preferring the old style smaller decks that were easier to shuffle and fitted more comfortably in the palm, but then larger cards allow for better image design. I can’t have it all 😉 )

The card stock is nice, and the box is a good weight. There’s lots of information in the guide book, as well as additional meanings of numbers and some history. The guide book is a soft brown print on white paper, not full colour.

The images are for the most part celtic, and the deck has a very patient and wise feel.

Happy Reading,

J x