Tarot & Oracle Readings **

My readings focus on gentle guidance…Life can all too often be overwhelming and complicated, and it can be difficult to recognise new opportunities, or to see how we can change our current direction. The tarot, for me, is about being able to take a step back and look into our lives, and look at where our current path is taking us.

Once you know where you’re headed, you can decide if you want to change it.

I work from my home office in Lovedean, Hampshire. (Between Portsmouth, Chichester and Petersfield.)

My (face to face) readings last for an hour (often a little longer) and are £30.00 – I tend to lay a main spread focusing on your question (or life issue), and then use other decks to assist with supporting questions, please contact me to book a reading.

And of course I can always read via email, I also send handwritten readings that come by post, (this includes paper copies of the cards,) I call them SnailMail Readings.

These can booked via Etsy. Or you can Contact Me and we can work from there.


(More reviews and a selection of spiritual supplies are available at my Etsy shop, Mallory’s Tarot.)

“Thank you very much for the reading. Everything you said was spot on! The Tower especially as it represented me having to quit university and move back home due to depression and anxiety. Big life change and upheaval but it turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Anyway, your reading has given me a lot of hope. I keep my fingers crossed :)”   Katrina (UK)

“You are a very good card reader and hit spot on in my life and I appreciate your reading so very much. This is exactly what is going on in my life for me. Truly, thank you as you have helped me and will help me through the next few months.” Kerry (UK)

“Hi Joanne, thank you very much for this reading! Very detailed and insightful reading, thanks for your time and effort doing this. It is very helpful for me, and it does resonate with me and makes sense to me, I really enjoyed that. It also helps me to get some insight and advice about the situation, it was much-needed, thanks!” Claire (Ireland)

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