We are wolves. Wolves with earrings.

Lesson of the moment; You’re never too old. Personal expression is powerful magic. 

Daughter number 1 (I have two, they are twins, she was born first, they have an inside joke about it… I say this because I’ve been dragged over the coals by keyboard warriors before for ‘applying a number to my children,’ – politically correctness gone mad if you ask me – but don’t get me started down that rabbit hole.) 

Anyway, Daughter number 1 and I went and got our ears pierced today. Daughter number 2 came with us.  

She did not get her ears pierced. She thinks we’re daft.  

I’m in my forties, my girlies are 14, and D1 has wanted her ears pierced for a second time for ages. She was scrolling me though her pinterest fashion board showing me what she likes, and what she wants her ‘style’ to be…

I had no concept at 14 that I could chose how my look was going to evolve, and as I sat there listening to her tell me how she was going to start with heeled ankle boots to get her balance right, as she loves how heels look with a pencil skirt… I was at a loss for words at my human. And as she scrolled down her pins to a stud paired with a huggy (didn’t know what that was until she showed me,) I said that at the beginning of the summer holidays she should get it done if she wanted. That way she wouldn’t have the hassle of having to tape them up every five minutes at school.

So the pandemic decided it was time to strike and all those plans went out the window, until this week. We were chatting and she brings it up, and I’m like ‘I’d totally forgotten, I’ll book it,’ at which point she says ‘are you going to get a second set? You really liked it too.’ 

I laughed it off, saying that I like it for her, and how much it would suit her, and that it was her choice for herself. I then followed up with ‘and you’re young and fab .’ 

I tell you, now I know how my mum-in-law feels when she tells me she’s too old, and I tell her age means nothing.  

And I’m right; age does mean nothing – I just haven’t applied that sentiment to myself. Well, both daughters were more than happy to drive the point home; boiling the kettle, banging down cups on the side and visciouslly stirring the tea (such young ladies 😉 ) before handing me a cup, saying things like, “I cannot believe you of all people just said that,” “Mum, seriously, age is not a restriction on anything,” “we do things to our bodies, and wear the clothes we like, because we want to! Not what society thinks we should do.” (That’s my girls 🧡 and here’s me thinking they never listened.)

So today off we went, and we both got our ears pierced. D2 came too, she wasn’t missing out on seeing us get skewered apparently.  

And I can tell you this, I felt powerful. Feminine, divine-energy, wild woman running with wolves, powerful. It’s such a small thing. Something no-one else will notice, or care about, but I will.  

At some point over the last Goddess-knows-how-long, I’d sub-consciously made a decision about myself. I’d told myself that certain things, certain choices, weren’t mine anymore. I’d told myself there were now things I couldn’t do, because the media, society, culture, patriarchy – All. The. Damn. Things said women can’t behave in a certain way.  

And some silent part of my brain has taken it in. I spend so much time making sure my girls know they can DO anything, BE anyone, but not me? And here’s the thing, we need to cheerlead for each other.  

We need to ring that bell, and remind each other, so we never forget who we are; we are wolves. Wolves in earrings.  

Where is the spiritual community going?

This week’s vlog was a fairly focused ramble ~ unusual for me 😉

But then, i’ve had a lot of time to contemplate, what with this here pandemic and all.

Fear is constantly swirling around at the moment; and it stunts our mental and emotional growth. But fear can also be a great motivator to get things done. For me i’m at the stage where i’ve moved through fear, I moved into a period of not being able to make my thoughts connect ~ ‘the virus’ ‘the lockdown’ ‘the pandemic’ left me in a state of brain blast, where the world seemed surreal. Then i found myself sat solidly in boredom; that’s the problem isn’t it, with having all the time in the world? There’s no sense of urgency and the days become a blur. But even though my waking brain was stuck in the mire, my subconscious was working overtime. I don’t know about you, but my dreams have been continuous and rich during this time, so i’m slowly making a list. And number one was this; i’ve long had niggly thoughts about how much the spiritual/pagan/light-worker (etc) community could accomplish, and whether it’s something we should even contemplate.

I believe that those of us within these overlapping communities share a stream of subconsciousness, that connect us all by the long forgotten memories of our past lives and the journeys we took. I think, for the most part, it’s in our DNA ~ or our soul’s mission, (whichever language choice works for you,) that we want better for this earth. We want to see a more symbiotic existence between us, the earth, it’s inhabitants and everything that exists beyond us. And this, I think, is part of the foundation that connects us all within the spiritual community.

I have no idea where I’m going with this at this time, it’s just a thread i’m working on, and i’ll be sure to share as the thought process grows. But here is this week’s vlog, where I ramble a bit more randomly on the subject.

Bright Blessings All,

J x

How to dry Rose Petals.

During this time of garden abundance i’m (trying) to gather as much as possible, so I can top up my supplies for the coming year. And today is the turn of the wonderful rose petal.

IMG_7266The rose is such a gentle, nurturing energy, and having dried petals is a must.

I plan to create a thankful alter in the coming weeks. It’s been on my mind for a while now, and the first item that I knew I’d need was pink rose petals – i’ll be scattering them last… But more on that when I come to it.

In previous years i’ve let the petals air dry. But a friend mentioned how she microwaves hers. (I totally gave her my ‘you what?’ face. But i’m up for trying new things.)

Let me tell you, I didn’t have much success with the microwave – mine is older than the arc, so maybe that had something to do with it. I laid the petals separately on a piece of kitchen paper, on a plate, and started with 20 second bursts. They never seemed quite dry enough (still soft and floppy,) then a macro-second later, they were fried.

Three batches on, and I didn’t have the heart to massacre any more petals, so I gave the oven a try. I laid the petals on baking paper on a tray, set the oven to 130 degrees (British speak) and popped them in. Now my oven is a new fangled, fan assisted thingy, and it did the job. Quick.

The petals started to blow about just before they’re fully dried, and each batch took a couple of minutes, max. When you first put them in, they lose all colour, which is a bit alarming. But they soon pinkened up again. IMG_7267

I gave them a good half hour to cool, and i put some kitchen towel in the bottom of an air tight jar, with a couple of drops of rose essential oil. (You could use whatever scent you’d like – perhaps Cypress oil would be good if you were looking to keep love safe… But i’ve kept with straight-up heart centre for this batch. )

IMG_7268Once I was happy they were dry and cool, and scooped them in and sealed the lid. Ready for using.

Pretty pleased with my nice quiet hour in the kitchen and garden. 🙂

J x

(I’ve chattered on about it on my insta story today too. Sharing is caring 😀 )