Where is the spiritual community going?

This week’s vlog was a fairly focused ramble ~ unusual for me 😉

But then, i’ve had a lot of time to contemplate, what with this here pandemic and all.

Fear is constantly swirling around at the moment; and it stunts our mental and emotional growth. But fear can also be a great motivator to get things done. For me i’m at the stage where i’ve moved through fear, I moved into a period of not being able to make my thoughts connect ~ ‘the virus’ ‘the lockdown’ ‘the pandemic’ left me in a state of brain blast, where the world seemed surreal. Then i found myself sat solidly in boredom; that’s the problem isn’t it, with having all the time in the world? There’s no sense of urgency and the days become a blur. But even though my waking brain was stuck in the mire, my subconscious was working overtime. I don’t know about you, but my dreams have been continuous and rich during this time, so i’m slowly making a list. And number one was this; i’ve long had niggly thoughts about how much the spiritual/pagan/light-worker (etc) community could accomplish, and whether it’s something we should even contemplate.

I believe that those of us within these overlapping communities share a stream of subconsciousness, that connect us all by the long forgotten memories of our past lives and the journeys we took. I think, for the most part, it’s in our DNA ~ or our soul’s mission, (whichever language choice works for you,) that we want better for this earth. We want to see a more symbiotic existence between us, the earth, it’s inhabitants and everything that exists beyond us. And this, I think, is part of the foundation that connects us all within the spiritual community.

I have no idea where I’m going with this at this time, it’s just a thread i’m working on, and i’ll be sure to share as the thought process grows. But here is this week’s vlog, where I ramble a bit more randomly on the subject.

Bright Blessings All,

J x

The Wicca Oracle by Sally Morningstar

This is a very important deck for me ~ I always try to seek out items that have a natural witch energy.

Sally Morningstar’s Wicca Deck is one of the only decks I go to when I read for myself. It’s the deck I go to for big and complicated readings. You know when you get those feelings of confusion, and you’re carrying around a ball of churning nerves in your stomach and you don’t know why… It’s then that I go to this deck.

Let’s start with the energy. Just holding the cards in my hands is instantly calming. It’s like I feel centred in an instant. The panic of whatever the situation is takes a back seat for a minute, and I feel like I’m already getting my head above the water.

The art work by Danuta Mayer breathes Witch, with every brush stroke. It blends the guides that we turn to; Owl, Rabbit, Fox and Cat with symbols from our practice; cauldron, broomstick and Athame along with gentle reminders from the tarot and aspects of nature and the hedgwitch.

Each image has so much depth, but Sally’s guide-book is where it really all comes together. I’m an intuitive reader, and I try to hear what the cards are telling me, but with this deck I always return to the book, as there will always be a message that resonates for my and my given situation.

There are masculine energies within the deck, such as the card of The High Priest, but for me, this deck has an overall, gorgeously feminine energy, and really feels like guidance comes via the Crone and Goddess.

One of the real gems of this deck was discovering Sally’s instruction for a seven card spread ~ she demonstrates the layout of the cards, and couples them with planets, and the meanings give a BIG reading. it leaves you with a lot to think about and digest. No wonder Sally recommends that you only do it once in six months.

(The box has now been updated and the deck is referred to as The Wicca Oracle. Oct 2019)

Bright Blessings Lovelies )0(

You can also see the deck in technicolour 😉