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I started to share my journey in January 2016, on Youtube (I used to be Magnolia Soul.) Even though there have been periods of time where I haven’t been as present, i’ve still received lovely messages and emails, saying thank you and asking further questions about witchery and paganism. Which has made me feel like i’m helping and providing something of value.

So if you like what i’m creating here on The Autumn Witch, there are lots of ways you can show your support.

Ways to support The Autumn Witch that don’t cost a penny

Follow me on Youtube, Facebook or Instagram (or all three 😉 )

I post vlogs and chats to YT, and all kinds of everyday and behind the scenes bits and bobs to FB and Insta. I also have a new facebook group, called The Autumn Witch (no surprise there,) where we can have a safe space to chat, get to know each other, ask questions and look after each other.

Share the love. If a post, video or blog resonates, please share it wherever you live on the internet. It really helps with the google algorithm what-nots, and helps me to help others who are looking to find their place.

As does Leaving Comments, I love to hear from you; questions, thoughts, how you do things ~ it makes me feel like i’m not alone in the woods. Your comments are like lots of little cottages, with candles glowing in windows, nestled amongst the trees.

And just about the best thing you could do is Leave A Review on one of my books. I write contemporary magical romance, and if you didn’t know, the first book in the series is free on pretty much every ebook platform. Book reviews massively help the exposure of my series, which means the right readers will find my stories, which generates income for me, and in the long run means I can create more for you.

If you’re going to buy something Witchy…

If you are looking to buy books or tarot decks, then check out the Products I love page. I only recommend things I own and like, but in buying them through my affiliate links I receive a tiny percentage. And you know what pennies make…

Or, if you’re searching for that perfect tool for your alter, or a travelling spell kit, then have a nosey round my etsy store to see if a little trinket catches your eye.

And if you’d like to contribute;

I have Patreon, as it’s the most well known content support app right now.

Or you can even buy me a coffee through Ko-Fi.

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If you’ve read all the way to the bottom of this page, THANX, it’s so nice of you to consider supporting me.

Jo x