My Town

In May 2020, during the lockdown, we sold our house in the country. The garden on that home sprawled, owls and bats were my nighttime friends, and it was everything a self-respecting witch is supposed to want. But that’s the beauty of being human; we’re unique and we don’t have to fit societal moulds. As a family we knew we wanted more; more people, more activity, more life ~ we wanted change.

As a witch and an introvert who needs alone time, I had to think (and worry, cause that’s my MO) long and hard about whether I really wanted to leave what we’d worked ten hard years to renovate for the hustle and bustle…

But as lockdown struck and it was looking increasingly likely that the choice was going to be taken away, I suddenly knew, soul deep, that this move was right; This change. This knew beginning.

Now i’m not saying for a minute that because I’d (finally) realised we had to go for it, that everything went without hitch from that point ~ because Phew, it did not. But we held our nerve, and here is where i’m learning that a country witch, can also become a town witch.

Sunset 4.11pm 15th November 2020 ~ The night of the New Moon ~ Emsworth Harbour