Work with Herbs & Flowers

Using flowers and herbs for spell work.

Floriography was very popular during the late 1800’s, mainly due to Queen Victoria’s fascination with flowers and all that they represented. The meaning of flowers and herbs can vary widely, depending on whether you are using them for a bouquet or spiritual purpose.

Here are the meanings of a few that I use regularly – but this look book is a wonderful addition to your folklore library. The Meaning of Flowers: Folklore, Fairylore, Superstitions, Remedies

Working with them is as easy as cooking with them – just do so with intention. Or using them in spellwork, putting a leaf or flower under our pillow, even carrying it in your bag. Giving flowers as gift can be done so with magical intentions as long as you focus your mind on the meaning of the flower and your desired outcome.

Drop lavender in your bath if you’re having trouble sleeping. Or if you’re studying or taking exams dry the stems of whichever plant you wish to work with and put them in the back of your text books – or underneath your laptop while you’re working. The beauty of magic is we can make as modern as we need to.

Bay Leaf is an excellent herb for dream clarity. (Place a leaf under your pillow at night.) You can also write your hopes on the leaves and burn them for your wishes to come true.

Chamomile is for patience and wisdom, and is good for energy in times of adversity.

Cinnamon is useful in spice form or as sticks, a pinch in the purse or wallet to attract good finances, or for larger intent burn a stick and focus.

Daffodil is, as you’d expect, a symbol of new beginnings and births.

Holly leaves are great fro domestic happiness. (Especially good to use in wreaths at Christmas!)

Hyacinth (is poisonous, so do not ingest.) This flower has a complicated history, and has been thought to be a representation of Sorrow and sadness, left over form the victorian period. I tend to work with this flower when I am sorrow for rash behaviour, or the way I’ve acted.

Ivy is for fertility and healing.

Lavender is well known for aiding a peaceful sleep. Growing lavender is said to bring luck. Using lavender in Sage bundles for smudging adds the element of protection to the space you are cleansing.

Lilac ~ work with Lilac when you want to balance your spiritual and intellectual ones. It draws spirit near. (The scent is also good for bouts of depression and is known to aid relaxation.)

Mint is purity and virtue.

Oak leaves represent strength and bravery.

Sage is a well known for its uses in smudging.

Strawberry Leaves are great for spells and manifesting positive finances, even pop one in your purse.

Thyme is a pretty little herb. It is used for courage and strength — and if you burn a little bundle it will drive out pesky insects that come in during the summer months.

Willow is for balance and harmony.

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