Work with Crystals

Crystals have long been used for emotional support, physical healing and magical force, and as times move forward a wider variety of crystals are becoming known to us.

Crystals grow in the earth, and when we take them from their source it is important that we care for them, by cleansing, re-charging and programming. This releases negative energies and any emotional build-up that the crystals have drawn in during meditation or healing.

Crystal Therapy

There are certain crystals that should not be made wet, so in the initial stages it is best to start with cleansing methods that won’t cause accidental damage.

For an overnight cleanse take some natural salt in a bowl and add your crystals. (The salt must be thrown away after use.) Alternatively you can use a tuning fork; use a circular motion around the crystals as the fork is ringing.

There are many other methods (even clapping your hands.) – But for now, these two simple ways are inexpensive and thorough.

Always cleanse your crystals before re-charging them, if your crystals are heavily used then it can be uplifting to make caring for your crystals a monthly ritual. A good time to re-charge is on the night of the full moon, cleanse the night before the moon and then lay out your crystals to recharge. If you can, put them outside throughout the night of the full moon. If you cannot then on a windowsill, indoors, will be fine. Once you are comfortable working with your stones you will be able to feel how energised they become with proper care.

Crystals contain a good variety of properties, and it is important once you have chosen the crystal you wish to work with that you program it. This way you are consciously marking the crystal with your intent, and the crystal understands where to focus its energies. Firstly you cleanse, then re-charge, then you sit with your chosen stone and hold it, making a clear and concise statement in your mind. Focus your intent and say it out loud (if you want to). You may want to repeat your intention, I like to do things in threes — for the crystal and for yourself. Depending on your intention you may then wear or carry the stone, or use for meditation — or keep in a particular room in your home or office — it’s really up to you.

The stone will need this process repeated, and there will be times that you feel the crystal is tired, this can be when the stone feels cold or heavy – I tend to find that after a crystal has worked diligently it can feel laden, and will need cleansing and recharging more often.

Here are a few crystals that I use regularly, but a great all purpose book is The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall

Amethyst, is a serene stone with strong cleansing powers, it is a great stone for focus as it helps calm the mind. It is a great protectant against the energies of a negative environment. It helps with sleep and protects against nightmares — works beautifully under a child’s pillow or on the window ledge. (Or under the mattress if the child is small.)

Aquamarine, is one of my favourites — it is wonderfully supportive, helping to break bad habits, and offers encouragement when responsibility becomes overwhelming. Aquamarine bonds using sensitivity, and brings about understanding when emotions are running high. This stone provides a great bridge between the heart and the throat, allowing you to verbalize your thoughts with love. Sailors often carried it as a charm to protect them from drowning.

Citrine, is the stone of abundance. Its warm colour is energizing, and it works towards helping you manifest your goals, bringing prosperity and good things. It promotes positivity and moving forward.

Hematite is for self-strength, offering encouragement against smoking, overeating and over indulgence. A stone to give confidence when you’re feeling timid, it enhances willpower and self-esteem.

Jade attracts luck, and helps you to let go of inner negativity. Gently rested on your forehead before sleep it brings clarity and insightfulness to your dreams.

Labradorite stimulates the intuitive mind and disbands illusion. It is a stone to battle fear, promoting faith in yourself.

Obsidian is a stone of quick response. It can aid you by bringing negative emotion and uncomfortable truths to the surface, so use carefully. This is an excellent stone for drawing off the negative energy in your environment, so program with caution. I like to cleanse this particular stone by holding it into sea, the rushing ocean is a great way to wash away negativity build-up.

Rose Quartz signifies pure love, a gentle and calming stone in times of drama and crisis, encouraging empathy and acceptance. This stone promotes self-love and self-worth.

Selenite is a new-age stone. It is a very beautiful stone with a fine vibrational energy. Often thought of as the stone of Angels. Superb for spiritual work and meditation, and so acts as a guide to seeing the clearer picture and dispels chaotic emotions and uncertainties.

Tree Agate provides a powerful connection to nature. It is a slow acting stone so should be carried or worn for lengthy periods of time. It offers stability and calm during difficult circumstances and is good for pain relief — simply place on the point of discomfort and relax.

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