Working with Colour

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Working with colour can come in the form of flowers, fabrics, candles — the list is endless.  

A colour’s energy can symbolise the qualities of certain astrological signs, and can represent the seven energy knots of the chakras. We can unconsciously purchase items in the supermarket based on their colour and influenced by our mood. Even the colour of the clothes we wear can tell us something. So if you find that when buying clothes you’re always drawn to the same colour, it could be that you are craving that colour’s energy. The list below is a rough guide to the what energy each colour carries. But, as with all elements of the spiritual realm, trust your intuition. If you feel drawn to a colour even if the energies don’t quite fit your purpose, it could be that your guiding force is giving you a nudge in the right direction.

Black — To dispel and ward off negativity. (Without reflecting back.) To induce a deep state of meditation.

Blue — Patience, truth, loyalty, protection during sleep, tranquility.

Brown — Represents the earth, concentration, good for helping to locate lost things.

Gold — Wealth, understanding finance, intelligence, strength.

Grey — Acts as a neutralizer, balance, consider action in equal measure.

Green — The luck bringer, health, growth and rejuvenation, fertility. Dark green can be used to counteract greed and jealousy.

Orange — A symbol of plenty, happy kindness, an attractant.

Pink — Feminine energy, emotional love, selflessness, healing.

Purple (& Violet) — Can be used to amplify energy, psychic ability, spiritual protection.

Red — Strength, energy, vitality, sensuality.

Silver — Stimulates dreams, represents the unconscious mind, develops psychic ability.

White — Purity, divination,the moon, spiritual strength.

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