The Crystal Ball Pocket Oracle by The White Witch Oracle.

Hola Lovely People, and welcome to 2021. 

To kick off what is going to be a less restrictive year for us all, I’m going to start with a little Oracle Deck unboxing. Now I got this little gem from Santa and let me tell you; I blummin love it. 

So let’s have a look at the Crystal Ball Pocket Oracle by The White Witch Oracle. 

This deck has been on my ‘need to own’ list for some months now, and I *may have text and whatsapp’d it to the humans who live with me. You know, incase they needed a little Christmas inspo… 

But that’s enough waffle from me, let’s get down to brass tacks ~

The deck is beautifully dainty, you’ve all heard me moan about the unwieldy size of many decks these days, so I was stoked to find this one palm fitting. 

It comes in a neat little black box, embossed in silver. There is no guide book with the deck, and that’s because it doesn’t need one. There are 13 cards and they are all witch centric. The cards have 13 ‘answers,’ ranging from Yes and No to Reconsider and No Need To Worry. 

The artwork is very symbolic of a witch’s path, and the colours are muted and pleasing. 

This is a straightforward, shots from the hip deck. You pose your question and it will answer. 

And even though this deck tells it like it is, it is awash with kind, feminine, Goddess energy. 

Goddess and the Ocean. 

Having read tarot for many years, I rarely read for myself, but this deck is fast becoming a part of my practice. When I need a quick hit of guidance, i’ll slowly shuffle the cards and focus on my problem, and let the cards give me direction. 

This deck was brought from The White Witch’s Store on Etsy, but she also has her own site where you can by direct ~ and she has lots of other gorgeous things too. 

I did talk about the deck in this week’s vlog too. 

Bright Blessings All 

J x 

The Meaning of Smudge Smoke

Howdy lovely folks, 

So we’ve pushed through ‘lockdown two point oh’ here, we’re right on top of the winter solstice, Yule and Christmas, and everything feels very different to a regular December at this time. 

Being safe doesn’t alter the fact that living through this pandemic is hard to accept and cope with, and not being able to hug all our most important people goes against the most basic of humanity’s social programming. 

And yet here we are; a vaccine on the horizon, and so close to the finish line it’s hard to find the energy to keep doing something that is this hard. 

For me, i’ve been getting out, no matter the weather; just seeing others makes me feel more connected. But I have found that wherever I go, i’m dragging this sludgy, fed-up, niggly energy along behind me. So i’ve broken-out the smudge, opened the windows and generally tried to (none to gently) clear the air. 

Which has made me think it’d be a good time to talk about interpreting the smoke when we smudge. 

(As a quick aside – there’s lots of interpretations and meanings available all over the place, and it’d be natural to think that it wouldn’t be too hard to take to the interwebs and find the meaning that you prefer the most ~ and you’d be right. But it’s all about being clear (upfront) which meanings you’re going to be following. I chat more about this in this week’s vlog, i’ll leave a link at the bottom of the page if you can bring yourself to listen to my waffle as well as read it. But I digress…) 

When you smudge, sometimes it can feel like you haven’t quite cleared everything, and you end up doing it again. But maybe you’ve done a good job transmuting all that negative energy that’s been hanging about, maybe there’s just a message there that you didn’t pick up on. 

If I smudge and it still doesn’t feel quite clear, i’ll often go back a second time ~ not to make sure, but to read the smoke, and I do this using the directions of the compass. Once you’ve smudged have another walk round and watch what the smoke is doing. 

If it’s drifting North, you still need to communicate about the issue – but the answer is there. If it’s going East it means your space is cleansed, and you’re good to go. South is all about learning and healing, it’s time to shift your mindset, and West (I call that ‘the teenage direction’) is asking if you’ve been a bit hotheaded. It’s time to reach for patience and try again. 

I’ve written up The Meaning of Smudge Smoke in more depth, and created a download, incase you’d like it for your journal or book of shadows. 

Take care lovelies, and if you want to talk more about all sorts of Paganism, i’ve got a group of lovely peeps over on facebook, and here’s the link

Jo x 

A Halloween and Autumn Haul

Hola Lovely humans, 

This week’s blog is completely for fun. It’s trying times out there, what with presidential debates, Brexit nonsense and ‘because-covid.’ So I’ve decided to combine this week’s vlog and blog together and talk about fun things. Because it’s Halloween month, and we blummin deserve it 😉 

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve had a lovely little shopping excursion to Homesense, and a just as lovely late-night-with-a-glass-of-wine online-surf-and-shop. Which has led to some rather lovely wonderfulness. So I’ve filmed a little vlog for you to see all the goodies I treated myself to, and I’ve left links to everything that’s still available below.  

I also chat in this week’s vlog about supporting people who make content that you like, and although I joke it about it being a shameless plug, I think it’s so important to hit the like button or leave comments of encouragement for people. As well as this being just a downright strange period in time, content creators, along with actors, musicians (and pretty much everyone in hospitality, entertainment and the creative arts,) are really feeling the impact. Yes it’s financial, but for many, their careers are being threatened for the long term. So for people who have taken the scary plunge and tried to diversify, by sharing their talents on-line or in new and innovative ways, I think it’s so important that we make them feel seen and heard.   

 So if you see or hear something that makes you feel, share the love and tell them, let’s raise the vibration in every way we can 

Much love, 

Jo x  

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