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5. Roles and imagery in witchcraft. The Autumn Witch Podcast

Hi Lovelies,  Hope everyone is staying safe and well, and that you enjoy this episode of the pod.  Bright Blessings Jo x You can find me on FB Twitter and Etsy and if you’d like to support the content I create, then thank you so much, it does take time and lots of frowning at the screen to keep tabs on everything 🙂 Patreon ~ Ko-fi ~ Paypal ~
  1. 5. Roles and imagery in witchcraft.
  2. 4. WitchTok and Christo paganism.
  3. 3. Old Pagan Traditions ~ this time, it's Wassailing.
  4. 2. How I use tarot in my path.
  5. 1. Let's talk about being pagan, organised religion and all the things.

Want to know more? This is where The Autumn Witch began…

The early days

A variety of videos from the beginning; when my camera was a bit dodgy, but the grainy filming does add a smoothing finish to my face ~ always a silver lining, right? 😉

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Love romance?

I signed a three book contract in 2016, to write a contemporary magical romance series, based on the coast where I live. I LOVE a Happily Ever After, and can get proper on my soapbox about how important romance novels are in society.

The Dream…

Even though I still have teenagers to wrangle, the Husband and I are making future plans to escape and travel the country on our Narrowboat. So we waffle on all about that on our joint youtube channel.

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