How to work with the Wolf Moon.

7.16pm (GMT) on the 28th of January, it will be the first full moon of 2021.

All the full moons have symbolic names that they have picked up over the centuries. And January is known as the Wolf Moon. 

There is no concrete explanation as to why ~ but it’s largely believed that food is scarce during this part of the icy mid-winter, and the wolves are known to howl with hunger. And even though wolves no longer roam wild in the UK, they did up until the 17th century. With their last strong hold being across the highlands of Scotland. 

I can imagine the memory of their plaintive cries still echoes across the vast landscape. 

The full wolf moon is a time to acknowledge and work with your inner power, and even though we have passed the winter solstice and the light is slowly returning, this full moon carries the energy of darkness and quiet. It’s a time to rejoice in your most primitive self. 

The other name’s of this moon are the Snow or Old moon, and to me, both fit the imagery and symbolism of the wolf. This is a time of ancient wisdom, of crone energy ~ no matter what your age. Now is a time to embrace yourself, your skills and your strengths. 

As well as cleansing your crystals, leave out some water to become imbued with the energy of The Wolf Moon. If possible, put the water out for the three nights; before, the full and after. If you intend to drink, use a sealed container. (A clear container if possible.) 

This can be used to anoint candles, crystals, wands or can be used in spell work. The energy is for self belief, courage and confidence. 

If you’d like to keep it for a long period of time, you can freeze portions using an ice cube tray, and defrost and use in a drink during a spell working, mediation or if you have an interview maybe? Just don’t get them mixed up with regular ice cubes 😉 

have a bless’ed Wolf Moon lovely folks. 

Bright Blessings 

Jo x 

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