A Halloween and Autumn Haul

Hola Lovely humans, 

This week’s blog is completely for fun. It’s trying times out there, what with presidential debates, Brexit nonsense and ‘because-covid.’ So I’ve decided to combine this week’s vlog and blog together and talk about fun things. Because it’s Halloween month, and we blummin deserve it 😉 

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve had a lovely little shopping excursion to Homesense, and a just as lovely late-night-with-a-glass-of-wine online-surf-and-shop. Which has led to some rather lovely wonderfulness. So I’ve filmed a little vlog for you to see all the goodies I treated myself to, and I’ve left links to everything that’s still available below.  

I also chat in this week’s vlog about supporting people who make content that you like, and although I joke it about it being a shameless plug, I think it’s so important to hit the like button or leave comments of encouragement for people. As well as this being just a downright strange period in time, content creators, along with actors, musicians (and pretty much everyone in hospitality, entertainment and the creative arts,) are really feeling the impact. Yes it’s financial, but for many, their careers are being threatened for the long term. So for people who have taken the scary plunge and tried to diversify, by sharing their talents on-line or in new and innovative ways, I think it’s so important that we make them feel seen and heard.   

 So if you see or hear something that makes you feel, share the love and tell them, let’s raise the vibration in every way we can 

Much love, 

Jo x  

Gorgeous Autumn Cushion Covers –  UK link International link

Essential oils by Naissance –   UK link International link

Rose quartz face roller fabulousness –  Click Here

Autumn stickers to beautify journals & diaries –  UK link International link

Wolf bite incense cones – Click Here

Festive Lights Gel Polish – UK link

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