Where is the spiritual community going?

This week’s vlog was a fairly focused ramble ~ unusual for me 😉

But then, i’ve had a lot of time to contemplate, what with this here pandemic and all.

Fear is constantly swirling around at the moment; and it stunts our mental and emotional growth. But fear can also be a great motivator to get things done. For me i’m at the stage where i’ve moved through fear, I moved into a period of not being able to make my thoughts connect ~ ‘the virus’ ‘the lockdown’ ‘the pandemic’ left me in a state of brain blast, where the world seemed surreal. Then i found myself sat solidly in boredom; that’s the problem isn’t it, with having all the time in the world? There’s no sense of urgency and the days become a blur. But even though my waking brain was stuck in the mire, my subconscious was working overtime. I don’t know about you, but my dreams have been continuous and rich during this time, so i’m slowly making a list. And number one was this; i’ve long had niggly thoughts about how much the spiritual/pagan/light-worker (etc) community could accomplish, and whether it’s something we should even contemplate.

I believe that those of us within these overlapping communities share a stream of subconsciousness, that connect us all by the long forgotten memories of our past lives and the journeys we took. I think, for the most part, it’s in our DNA ~ or our soul’s mission, (whichever language choice works for you,) that we want better for this earth. We want to see a more symbiotic existence between us, the earth, it’s inhabitants and everything that exists beyond us. And this, I think, is part of the foundation that connects us all within the spiritual community.

I have no idea where I’m going with this at this time, it’s just a thread i’m working on, and i’ll be sure to share as the thought process grows. But here is this week’s vlog, where I ramble a bit more randomly on the subject.

Bright Blessings All,

J x

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