How to put MAGIC in our masks.

Welcome to the first vlog in my ‘How to,’ series on spellcarft and witchery.

It was supposed to be a three to five minute chat, but this is me, so there was abundant waffle.

I’ve been working on ways to help bring a little joy to these strange times we’re living in, and it finally struck me that the best way to do this was to give a little magic to these new things that have become a necessary part of everyday life; masks and hand gel. Fun stuff, huh.

You’re going to need;

Orange essential oil

Lime essential oil

Blue cotton thread

A tuning fork. (If you don’t have one, smudge your items, leave them on the window ledge overnight in a full moon, or on a bright sunny day.)

and your masks etc

Before we start it’s important to cleanse everything; strike the tuning fork three times each, and circle or figure of 8 over all of your items – magical and non magical.

Now that’s sorted, let’s get going with the hand gel. I have 500 ml bottles of gel at the moment, (because I can’t always source larger ones, and I’m trying to cut down the plastic waste where possible – so the little handbag size bottles the teenagers carry, I decant from the bigger one and we re-use those.)

I use 100% essential oil, roughly 24 drops to each 500 ml bottle ~ but however strong you like the smell is good. (A couple of drops will be fine if you’re being frugal ~ it’s all about intent, not quantity.) I use citrus oils; specifically lime and orange. (I use 8 drops of lime and 16 drops of orange.) And as I count in each drop I focus my mind on joy; this is a way that we can keep ourselves and others safe. This is helping us to be able to do the fun things we want to do without risking ourselves or others.

And these intentions are the reason I use lime and orange; they are mood uplifting and citrus fruits need to be grown in the bright sunshine. The sun is all about warmth, joy and happiness. You can use protection oils if you want to; lavender, sage, cypress and so on. But the alcohol in hand gel is energetically protecting you as much as physically protecting you. It’s very purpose is to be a barrier. (Rose oil would be good too – as it’s for love, but it can be pricey.)

Once you’ve added your oil, put the lid on and give it a good shake, working those intentions into the gel. And then, every time you use it let those summery oils remind you that you’ve got this. You’re taking this all in your stride, and goddess knows our hands are cleaner than they’ve ever been 😉

Now, the masks.

Masks can be quite frightening, and make things harder for those who are hard of hearing ~ my daughter is visually impaired, and had hearing issues as a little one, so watching your lips move when you talk is ingrained behaviour for her. But they are here until this business is sorted, so it’s going to be energetically healthier if we create a good working relationship with them.

I’m pharmacy trained, so completely support that masks stem the distance droplets can spread. (There’s a great meme about going to the market without wearing pants and having a wee that explains it… perhaps don’t put that straight into google though.)

If you’re comfortable working with sigils, stitching one into your masks, representing protection, safety and communication will do the trick. But if you’ve not worked with sigils yet (i’m going to do a vlog on them,) or you like what i’ve done ~ I stitch three crosses from blue cotton thread ~ three little kisses

X ~ The first stitch for protection of self. The second for the protection of others.

X ~ The first stitch for the safety of self. The second for the safety of others.

X ~ The first stitch for enabling you to understand other people. The second stitch for enabling others to understand you.

The blue thread is also significant ~ blue is the colour of the throat charka. It is the colour of communication and speech, and we want to amplify this now. People need, now more than ever, to not feel isolated, to not feel cut off, and that’s why we are working this colour into our spell. Blue masks, or masks with blue flowers all have the same effect. Working with the colour blue is all about trusting that we are amplifying ease of communication.

Thanks for joining me on this little ramble, as I try to come up with ways to put magic into our masks.

Bright Blessings Lovely Humans.

Jo x

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