How to dry Rose Petals.

During this time of garden abundance i’m (trying) to gather as much as possible, so I can top up my supplies for the coming year. And today is the turn of the wonderful rose petal.

IMG_7266The rose is such a gentle, nurturing energy, and having dried petals is a must.

I plan to create a thankful alter in the coming weeks. It’s been on my mind for a while now, and the first item that I knew I’d need was pink rose petals – i’ll be scattering them last… But more on that when I come to it.

In previous years i’ve let the petals air dry. But a friend mentioned how she microwaves hers. (I totally gave her my ‘you what?’ face. But i’m up for trying new things.)

Let me tell you, I didn’t have much success with the microwave – mine is older than the arc, so maybe that had something to do with it. I laid the petals separately on a piece of kitchen paper, on a plate, and started with 20 second bursts. They never seemed quite dry enough (still soft and floppy,) then a macro-second later, they were fried.

Three batches on, and I didn’t have the heart to massacre any more petals, so I gave the oven a try. I laid the petals on baking paper on a tray, set the oven to 130 degrees (British speak) and popped them in. Now my oven is a new fangled, fan assisted thingy, and it did the job. Quick.

The petals started to blow about just before they’re fully dried, and each batch took a couple of minutes, max. When you first put them in, they lose all colour, which is a bit alarming. But they soon pinkened up again. IMG_7267

I gave them a good half hour to cool, and i put some kitchen towel in the bottom of an air tight jar, with a couple of drops of rose essential oil. (You could use whatever scent you’d like – perhaps Cypress oil would be good if you were looking to keep love safe… But i’ve kept with straight-up heart centre for this batch. )

IMG_7268Once I was happy they were dry and cool, and scooped them in and sealed the lid. Ready for using.

Pretty pleased with my nice quiet hour in the kitchen and garden. 🙂

J x

(I’ve chattered on about it on my insta story today too. Sharing is caring 😀 )












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