Witches Runes.

I’ve tried working with traditional runes in the past, and they didn’t really resonate with me, until I saw a set of witches runes.

If at all possible I like to work with things that I’ve put as much of myself into as possible, and so I thought i’d make a simple set for myself. 

I used stones that i’ve collected, but you can also use discs from holly branches or tumbled crystals — anything that takes your fancy.

If you see the picture below, the runes are laid out in the following order  —

The Moon. The Sun. The Black Rune. (I made mine black – you don’t have to – it is a vertical line with two horizontal lines trough it.) The Birds. The Ear of Corn. The Wave. The Crossed Spears. The Rings.



I researched a variety of different meanings, and wrote down a couple of sentences that I felt worked with each image, then, as I marked each stone with the symbol, I focused on the meaning. Marking the intent into each one.

The meanings are as follows;

The Sun – The stone of progress. If asking for a yes or no answer – this is the Yes stone. It is the positive outcome, and shows that a time of emotional richness is on the way.

The Moon – There are 4 ‘X’ marks within the crescent moon – representing the 4 phases of the moon cycle, telling you to expect changes within the time frame of the coming moon cycle. This is the messenger rune; change is coming. Look what runes fall around it.

The Rings – The love rune; it’s all about relationships – marriages, engagement – or maybe needing renewed focus on an existing relationship.

The Crossed Spears. – Compares to the Tower card in the tarot. Can show a time of upheaval and negativity — look what runes fall around it. If positive runes fall with it, it shows you are coming out of bad times.

The Wave – The emotion stone; friends, family and how you feel about them. It can indicate travel, normally of an emotional nature – visiting family, moving abroad.

The Ear of Corn — The lucky rune, whatever question you were coming to the runes with, if this is the leading stone, there will be a lucky outcome.

The Birds – Contact from long-lost friends. Unexpected good news. Positive legal documents.

The Black Rune – although you may be experiencing difficult times, you can learn from them. Look at what falls around it, to see where best to seek support and guidance.

Once you have marked each stone with its symbol, spend some time feeling and touching the runes
I laid mine around a candle for one complete day and night, allowing them to charge.

When you’re ready to use them, hold them in your hands, focus on your question or situation and ‘cast’ the stones. (Throw them as if they were dice.) Any that fall face down are not to be read. The lead stone is the stone that falls furthest from you. If there are big gaps between upturned stones, I read this as periods of time. It is very much down to your own intuition, and for the first little while you will need to spend some time getting to know them and how they work.
Below is a printable PDF if you’d like to give it a go ~ Happy Rune-ing Everyone.

J x


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